Human Rights in Helsinki

The Human Rights in Helsinki website is where you will find information about the city’s work on gender equality and non-discrimination. The website is intended for both residents and city employees. Here you can find the city’s gender equality and non-discrimination plans, different ways to promote gender equality and non-discrimination as a city employee, and information about the Gender Equality Commission, Non-Discrimination Commission, Elderly Citizens Council and Council on Disability.

“The city is committed in its operations to protecting the human rights of all residents and to purposefully address any discrimination. All residents of Helsinki must be able to feel that Helsinki is their home.”

– Jan Vapaavuori, the Mayor of Helsinki

Equal employer

The city of Helsinki actively fosters non-discrimination and the gender equality of its personnel, and also develops diversity management.

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Isä, joka katsoo poikaansa hymyillen. Poika leikkii kaiteella.
Musta tyttö, joka hymyilee ja pukeutuu ulkovaatteisiin koulussa.

Services based on human rights

The city of Helsinki has committed to providing a good life to every resident just as they are, as well as equal and fair treatment in city services.

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