Töölön puistossa nuoret lapset leikkivät värikkäiden lankojen keskellä.

Virtual training

Helsinki aims to be a city where gender equality, non-discrimination and human rights are realised and where we are all free from harassment and discrimination. The city has committed to promoting gender equality and non-discrimination across its operations, both as a workplace community and service provider.

Dialogue, new skills, the challenging of old stereotypes and the eradication of discrimination are needed for true equality. These efforts are supported by Helvi virtual training that was started by the city in early 2020. The training is an excellent opportunity for learning more about human rights to better include them in one’s work.

Helvi virtual training is designed for small groups (e.g. teams) and includes shared discussion and individual contemplation. The training takes about 60 minutes to complete and requires a computer, a quiet space and someone to lead the discussion. The training is directed by a user-friendly virtual assistant that provides spoken and written instructions.

You can find the Helvi virtual assistants here (only in Finnish).