Accessibility means that the diversity of people is taken into account when planning and implementing the City’s services, environment and buildings. They mean that the services, equipment and communications are easy to use, information is easily understandable and people have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making concerning them. Atmosphere and attitudes that take the diversity of city residents into account also promote accessibility.

Accessible environment as a prerequisite of equality

An accessible and safe environment reinforces the well-being of city residents and the functionality of society as a whole. Helsinki strives to ensure that the city is an easy place to move around and live for all its residents, regardless of their age and health.

Pirjo Tujula is the City of Helsinki’s accessibility advocate.

What does accessible environment mean?

  • effortless mobility and activity on the streets and markets and in parks, yards and playgrounds
  • easy access to buildings and accessible actions in them
  • stepless transition from one place to another and into transportation
  • clear signage
  • good audio environment

The City of Helsinki is improving the availability of digital services and communication. The City’s objective is to achieve the AA level or higher, as defined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, regarding the City’s digital services.

Pyörätuolissa oleva nainen siirtyy ulos metrosta

Helsinki for all

Planning guidelines, accessibility strategies and information about the City’s accessibility working group are available on the Helsinki for all website.

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