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Human rights network

The city has an informal human rights network that includes employees from different city functions and public utilities who wish to work towards a more equal Helsinki.

The network’s purpose is to help build the city on human rights, making it reflect all the residents and providing a place for each and every one. The human rights network encourages its participants to think creatively and find solutions for securing gender equality and non-discrimination across organisational boundaries.

The network is an interactive platform that city employees can use to prevent discrimination and purposefully take down discriminatory structures in city services. The network aims to help participants improve their skills and come up with new proposals while offering support for promoting gender equality and non-discrimination in one’s own work.

All city employees from teachers and engineers to information specialists and traffic wardens can participate in the network and its activities. Every employee can help to promote gender equality and non-discrimination in city services.

The human rights network organises regular human rights afternoon talks where the participants can explore different themes as a group. In addition, the human rights network organises smaller workshops for developing various tools and plans for the purpose of promoting gender equality and non-discrimination in the city. The network has a Microsoft Teams channel for discussing and sharing tips, information about events and current news about human rights.

The network has prepared principles for safer spaces that are observed at all its events.

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Join us to create a city built on human rights!

All city employees are welcome to join the human rights network. There is no obligation if you join – you are free to participate as you wish. Use your work email address to join, i.e. @hel.fi or @edu.hel.fi.

Join the network (in Finnish only)