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Gender equality and non-discrimination in the services

Helsinki is a humane, gentle and brave city full of different and vibrant stories. Sign language speaker Safira, who always stops by the central library Oodi after work. An 85-year-old great grandfather, who moved next to the Malmi airport from a small town called Kitee as a young man. The CEO of a local enterprise, who visits the Finnish language café at the Viikki library. Johannes, who starts first grade in the autumn and whose favourite place in the whole world is the Mellunmäki metro station, because he loves metro trains and the terminal point is somehow different from the other stations. A Hindu man, who kisses his partner at the shore of Töölönlahti and who feels that he is the happiest person on earth. An undocumented migrant, who worries about getting access to health care. A Swedish-speaker from Pihlajamäki. A Sámi, who uses a wheelchair. All different, all residents of Helsinki.

The city has hundreds of thousands of exceptional stories, which all are a part of Helsinki’s identity. Each story is valuable for the future of Helsinki. The right to the city belongs to everyone.

Today, we are building a Helsinki of human rights, where the stories of all Helsinki residents will be read. To achieve this goal, the City of Helsinki is determinedly developing the equality and parity of city residents throughout its operations and services.

Helsinki’s goal is to be a city built on human rights. We are constantly working together to achieve equality and parity for all the city residents and everyone spending time in Helsinki and develop Helsinki into a city where all people are allowed to be seen and heard and can live and participate as equals without any kind of direct or indirect discrimination.

The development of equality and non-discrimination city-level services is coordinated by the City Executive Office’s Participation and Citizen Information unit. Additionally, each division has its own equality specialists.

Gender equality

The work on gender equality is based on the Act on Equality between Women and Men that prohibits discrimination based on gender, gender identity or gender expression. The aim of the gender equality plan for city services and other operative gender equality work is to increase gender equality in city operations and services, thereby increasing the gender equality of residents.

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Töölön puistossa nuoret lapset leikkivät värikkäiden lankojen keskellä.
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The work on non-discrimination is based on the Non-discrimination Act that prohibits discrimination based on age, ethnic or national origin, citizenship, language, religion, beliefs, opinions, health, disability, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics. The non-discrimination plan for city services states that human rights are the foundation of the city’s operative non-discrimination work.

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