Queer Stadi -network

The Queer Stadi network is a volunteer network of people who are in a sexual or gender minority, and city employees interested in advocating for them.

The network contributes to the city’s diversity, gender equality and non-discrimination work. The network acts as the city’s counterpart, helping to improve the gender equality and non-discrimination of the city’s personnel policy.

The primary purpose of the network is to offer city employees an opportunity to network across organisational boundaries on the theme of queerness. The network also offers opportunities for persons belonging to minorities to share their experiences in and feelings regarding working life, for example.

Professional peer support is central to the network’s activities, but no one is obligated to define their sexual orientation, for example. All city employees are welcome to participate in the network’s activities.

Members will receive newsletters by email with news, links, tips and invites to events about queer themes, among other things. Queer Stadi also has its own Microsoft Teams platform for informal discussion and information sharing.

In general, the network members meet each other casually off the clock. The network is also a good place for discussions regarding work and private life, and spending time with new people – everyone decides how they wish to participate.

Queer Stadi also enables organising around particular issues or the matters of a professional community or city function. One example of this is the Kasko Task Force that addresses queer issues and problems in the city’s education and training function. Matters not related to the theme of queerness may also be discussed in the network.

The Queer Stadi network abides by the principles for safer spaces, meaning that the network requires mutual respect, avoids assumptions and gives everyone their space. Any matters discussed within the network remain in the network and outing any network members to outsiders is expressly forbidden.

You can join the network by messaging its coordinator Ella Halmela (firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi).