Gender equality commission

The purpose of the Gender Equality Commission is to promote and monitor the progress of gender equality in Helsinki.  The commission is appointed by the city board and includes elected city officials from different political parties. The work of the Gender Equality Commission is organised by a rapporteur, who also coordinates and develops gender equality in city services.

The Gender Equality Commission monitors and supports the implementation of gender equality and the elimination of discrimination based on gender, gender expression or gender identity from city services.

In its 2019–2021 term, the commission is tasked with monitoring the execution of the service gender equality plan, supporting the mainstreaming of gender equality as an overarching principle in all city operations, monitoring the evaluation initiative of gender impacts, and issuing statements to support decision-making.

The Gender Equality Commission works with the Non-Discrimination Commission and the city’s special councils, as necessary. The Gender Equality Commission executes its function by hearing from experts and issuing statements.