Töölön puistossa nuoret lapset leikkivät värikkäiden lankojen keskellä.

Governing bodies

The City of Helsinki has various governing bodies that monitor how equality and non-discrimination progress in the City’s operations. Helsinki’s goal is to be an equal city that is functional and pleasant for all residents. Councils and committees are one important channel for influencing decision-making and creating a better everyday life.

The City Board appoints the governing bodies. The councils comprise representatives of various organisations as well as political elected officials, whereas committees only comprise political elected officials. These governing bodies make proposals and submit initiatives, and give statements to the City of Helsinki’s authorities concerning matters of equality and parity.

For their own part, the councils increase cooperation between the City of Helsinki and various senior citizen and disability organisations and promote inclusive participation in the City’s decision-making. The City needs different active participants to build a fairer and more equal Helsinki.