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In all its activities, the city of Helsinki promotes gender equality and non-discrimination for its personnel and develops the diversity of workplace communities. The aim of the city is to make it possible for every person to excel at their work, free of inappropriate comments, harassment and discrimination, regardless of their gender or gender expression, age, cultural background, disability and other personal characteristics.

Fair and respectful treatment and the opportunity to both demonstrate and apply one’s skills at the workplace is a prerequisite for true well-being at work and a sense of belonging in the workplace community. Once these conditions are met, people will be able to give their all to developing the most functional city in the world.

Employers have a legal obligation to promote gender equality and non-discrimination among their employees. The gender equality and non-discrimination plans for personnel guide the human resources work done to advance an equal and non-discriminatory workplace. The purpose of these plans is to ensure that human resource management practices, supervisor activities, processes and workplace community activities will inherently implement gender equality and non-discrimination. The city is taking several measures to achieve the above goals.

For example, the theme of gender equality and non-discrimination has been included in the city’s Sopuisasti Stadissa (Getting Along in the City) guide for preventing inappropriate behaviour. In addition, the city trains its personnel to identify how every team can promote gender equality and non-discrimination both in their workplace community and the services that the team provides for residents and visitors. The city aims to increase equal opportunities for job applicants by using anonymous recruitment, for example.

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Measures as an employer

The policy for promoting gender equality in personnel is included in the gender equality plan (PDF, only in Finnish), which will remain effective until the end of the strategic period, i.e. until 2021. You can find the measures and objectives for promoting non-discrimination within personnel here (PDF, only in Finnish).